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One Pass

One Pass is an online social environment that is committed to looking after your daily needs. By joining our One Pass Kinship, you can discover, share and celebrate health and wellness together.

Simply download the One Pass mobile application on your smartphone and instantly receive a variety of exclusive offers and discounts during special events to celebrate life’s milestones.

Aside from these offers, One Pass also looks after your every day needs. Conveniently search and book an appointment to see a nearby doctor or get a health check from our large network of Town Health healthcare professionals. Members can enjoy seamless appointment check-in by simply tapping your One Pass card at the front desk; it is quick, easy, and accurate!

In our busy lifestyle, we easily forget about our health. The One Pass Health Management diary and assessment tools allow you to track your health status and learn new ways to live better. Seek help and advice from our team of healthcare professionals who are committed to providing support and professional services based on your needs.

We can also take care of your beauty needs. Enjoy free trials, group deals, and book a day of relaxation wherever you are and experience the VIP service you deserve.

One Pass is also your one-stop information hub. Receive the latest news in food and beverage, finance, and business; a handy reference while you are on the go.

One Pass will continue to expand to provide more and more information, services, and support to help serve you better.

Book Online: Reserve with ease for health and beauty services.
Check-in Faster: Seamless tap-in to your favorite places under your network.
Information Hub: Find out and stay updated with current events and advice from experts.
Social Network: Engage better with your friends when you build your kinship circle.
Track Your Health: Boost up your healthy lifestyle through our health tracking tools.
Exclusive Offers: Enjoy life’s surprises by receiving and redeeming coupons, promotions, and exclusive deals.