Business Scope

Hong Kong Medical Platform

Dr Vio & Partners

In 1947, Dr. Erich Vio came to Hong Kong to practise medicine. The practice has evolved over the last 67 years into what is now a large multidisciplinary medical network of over 700 affiliated healthcare service providers, with a longstanding and firm commitment to excellence in service delivery. Our service pledges are based on service standards established in our ISO certified Quality Management System. We are the only medical network that is ISO9001:2008 certified and we are committed to the practice of evidence-based medicine.

The original Vio partnership has since been restructured into a corporation and is now a subsidiary of Town Health International Medical Group Ltd. We have extensive experience in managing corporate medical schemes, with a dedicated and experienced management team serving blue chip corporations, insurers, Government departments and QuANGOs. We can share numerous successful case studies on cost containment.

Our services can develop and evolve as clients’ healthcare needs change with time and as medical knowledge and technology progress, so that clients can directly benefit from improvements in standards and in costs.

We aspire to be the provider of choice for both patients and third-party payors in offering high quality care that offers value for money.

Town Health Medical Network

Town Health Medical Network Services Limited (THMN) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Town Health International Medical Group Limited, a HKSE listed corporation (Stock code: 3886).

Established in 2010, THMN has adopted the managed healthcare model to provide high quality and full range of medical services to our corporate clients. Our Medical Network including General Practitioners, Specialists, Physiotherapy Treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dental Services, X-ray, Laboratories & Imaging Services. We also provide Health Check Up Program, Vaccination Program, Work Injury Management Program, and other auxiliary medical services.

Being a Medical Scheme Management Administrator, THMN offer flexible and tailor-made medical scheme which best fit your healthcare needs. Through simple administrative procedure, we provide detailed summary reports in order to keep track of the utilizations and generate comprehensive health reports. We also conduct the Health Seminars and Staff Briefing to share the Health Information.

Having THMN as your Healthcare Partner, we welcome our client to participate and tailor-made the Medical Scheme to best fit their needs. Through the provision of attentive medical care, the improvement in employee morale is an advantage. Medical costs are effectively control and maintain of health record promoting employee health and wellness.

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