Investor Relations

Annual Reports/Interim Reports

Release Date Type | Document
9/19/2019Financial ReportInterim Report 2019
4/17/2019Financial Report2018 Annual Report
9/21/2018Financial ReportInterim Report 2018
4/30/2018Financial Report2017 Annual Report
9/21/2017Financial ReportInterim Report 2017
4/27/2017Financial Report2016 Annual Report
9/7/2016Financial Report2016 Interim Report
4/28/2016Financial Report2015 Annual Report
9/8/2015Financial Report2015 Interim Report
4/24/2015Financial Report2014 Annual Report
9/11/2014Financial Report2014 Interim Report
4/16/2014Financial Report2013 Annual Report
9/11/2013Financial report 2013 Interim Report
4/29/2013Financial report 2012 Annual Report
9/5/2012Financial Report2012 Interim Report
4/26/2012Financial Report2011 Annual Report
9/21/2011Financial Report2011 Interim Report
4/19/2011Financial ReportAnnual Report 2010
9/16/2010Financial reportFinancial Statements - [Interim/Half-Year Report]
4/29/2010Financial reportAnnual Report for the financial year ended 31 December 2009 
12/30/2009Financial reportInterim Report 2009
7/30/2009Financial reportFinancial Statements - [Annual Report]
12/30/2008Financial reportFinancial Statements - [Interim/Half-Year Report]
8/11/2008Financial reportFIRST QUARTERLY REPORT 2008 For the three months ended 30 June 2008
6/27/2008Financial reportAnnual Report 2008
2/15/2008Financial reportThird quaterly report for the nine months ended 31 December 2007
11/15/2007Financial reportInterim Report 2007
8/10/2007Financial report1st Quarterly Report
6/29/2007Financial reportAnnual Report 2007
2/15/2007Financial report3rd Quarterly Report 2006/2007
11/17/2006Financial report2nd Quarterly Report 2006/2007
8/16/2006Financial report1st Quarterly Report 2006/2007
7/4/2006Financial reportAnnual Report 2005/2006
2/17/2006Financial report3rd Quarterly Report 2005/2006
11/16/2005Financial report2nd Quarterly Report 2005/2006
8/16/2005Financial report1st Quarterly Report 2005/2006
6/29/2005Financial reportAnnual Report 2004/2005
2/17/2005Financial report3rd Quarterly Report 2004/2005
11/16/2004Financial report2nd Quarterly Report 2004/2005
8/18/2004Financial report1st Quarterly Report 2004/2005
6/30/2004Financial reportAnnual Report 2003/2004
2/16/2004Financial report3rd Quarterly Report 2003/2004
11/17/2003Financial report2nd Quarterly Report 2003/2004
8/18/2003Financial report1st Quarterly Report 2003/2004
7/3/2003Financial reportAnnual Report 2002/2003
2/19/2003Financial report3rd Quarterly Report 2002/2003
11/21/2002Financial report2nd Quarterly Report 2002/2003
8/14/2002Financial report1st Quarterly Report 2002/2003
6/26/2002Financial reportAnnual Report 2001/2002
2/8/2002Financial report3rd Quarterly Report 2001/2002
11/13/2001Financial report2nd Quarterly Report 2001/2002
8/13/2001Financial report1st Quarterly Report 2001/2002
6/18/2001Financial reportAnnual Report 2000/2001
2/13/2001Financial report3rd Quarterly Report 2000/2001
11/13/2000Financial report2nd Quarterly Report 2000/2001