About Us

Company Overview

Town Health International Medical Group Limited (the “Company”) together with its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) is one of the largest healthcare group with the longest history in Hong Kong. The Group’s shares migrated from the GEM board and listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 3886) in 2008. The Group’s core businesses include healthcare business investments; and provision and management of healthcare and related services. With rapid growth of the Group and its business, the Group has expanded its operation to primary and specialty care, managed care operation, medical diagnostic, health check, medical dermatology and corporate advisory and consultation, etc.

Cornerstone in HK & Pioneer with No. 1s
In 1989, Dr. Cho Kwai Chee, the founder of the Group, has established the first Town Health Medical Centre, and after two years, the great blue print for the Group’s development in the line of chain stores business model was started. The Group has pioneered 4 Number One in Hong Kong, which include: pioneered the chain medical shops in Hong Kong via establishing the medical service network to expand the medical chain business; established the first comprehensive medical service centre in 1997, providing all round medical services including general & specialist consultation and dental service; opened the first 24 hours medical clinic in 1999, making sure patients obtain their necessary treatment at any time; introduced corporate management system in 2000, being the first corporate listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with the business of medical clinic chain.

Investment Development & Advantages Establishment
The Group has also been actively venturing into the PRC healthcare market. The Group co-operates with Sun Yat-Sen University to provide laboratory & high-end imaging diagnostic services at our one-stop health check centre in Guangzhou. Moreover, the Group operates a 500-bed rehabilitation hospital and a clinic in Hangzhou, and also offers professional hospital management and consultancy services to PRC partners.

The Group recently introduced subsidiaries of Fubon Financial, one of the largest insurance companies in Taiwan, namely Fubon Life and Fubon Insurance, as strategic investors, broadening the Group’s shareholding base and also providing large amount of capital and resources for the Group to develop PRC healthcare businesses. The Group also invited China Life Group, the largest insurance company in China, as the Group’s largest shareholder, facilitating and providing greatest support for the Group’s venturing into the PRC healthcare market. Being the largest national financial insurance group in China, China Life is committed to improving the social security system, developing from and extending the traditional health insurance to the "Holistic Healthcare" with health management and health services. China Life investing in the Group this time is an important initiative of their move toward the strategy of the "Holistic Healthcare".

Talents Consolidation & Professional Management
The Group achieves world class standards for its medical services, at the same time the Group is familiar with the systems and the practice in Mainland China, an advantage which helps to bring the medical systems to China. The PRC healthcare market is at the transition of major reform. Abundant new investment and development opportunities are opened up to private institutions. With its long history of established healthcare operation and experience in Hong Kong, the Group is equipped with expertise, healthcare management system and professional management team, that are the impeccable foundations which the Group leverages on when venturing into the PRC healthcare market. Also, the Group emphasizes management and training, arranging technical exchange for the medical professionals between Hong Kong and China, aligning with the Group’s development on the cross-border medical tourism business.

Business Unification & Holistic Healthcare Business
The Group will continue to maintain its leading position in the Hong Kong healthcare industry, and venture into the PRC healthcare market to introduce high quality and professional medical healthcare and related management services. The Group has developed from the traditional medical clinic into comprehensive and daily life medical service supplier. Via vertically integrated business model, combining hospital, pharmacy, doctor management and training, medical dermatology, mobile medical services, etc., the Group links up the business with clients, increasing operation efficiency, achieving the vision and mission of holistic healthcare business development.