Business Scope

CL-TH Medical Tourism Platform

China Life Insurance Group (“China Life”) invested HK$ 1.749 billion in Town Health International Medical Group Limited (“the Group”) in January 2015 and therefore becomes the largest shareholder of the Group.

China Life and its subsidiaries constitute the largest state-owned financial and insurance group in China. Its business fully covers life insurance, property and casualty insurance, pension plans (corporate annuity), asset management, alternative investment, overseas operations, e-commerce, etc. It has been ranked in Fortune Global 500 for 12 consecutive years, and ranked 98 in 2014.

In 2014, the Group recorded an income of RMB 539 billion in 2014, among which premium income reached RMB 408.2 billion, ranking the 1st in the industry. Total assets reached RMB2.7 trillion, representing 26% of the total assets of the industry.

By cooperating with China Life, the Group researched and developed a CL-TH Medical Tourism Platform. The platform will incorporate the medical resources and advantages of the Group and give use priority to the clients from China Life, who can conveniently enjoy Hong Kong medical, health check, beauty and other services. The Group will also provide professional and superior customer services so that the clients can have satisfactory experience.

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