Corporate Social Responsibility

Town Health Charity Foundation

Background of Town Health Charity Foundation’s Establishment:
Town Health Group concerns the needs of society and takes “Corporate Social Responsibility” as an important developing direction with the aim of being responsible for the stakeholders of the company, the community and the environment. These years, the Group has supported the local charity organizations in various ways which include co-organizing fund-raising event, direct donation, program sponsorship, volunteer participation etc. and has delivered various support services to the vulnerable community. Up to now, the Group is being acknowledged by HKCSS as “Caring Company” in six consecutive years.

On 8th October 2015, the Group sets up Town Health Charity Foundation and takes “Supporting underprivileged” and “Promoting healthy lifestyle” as main direction. The foundation hopes to provide funding for local NGOs and allow them to deliver social services to the needy.

Mission of Town Health Charity Foundation:

Establishing volunteer team and holding regular volunteer services with local charity organization;
Nurturing medical talents and setting up Town Health Charity Foundation Scholarship;
Promoting healthy lifestyle and precaution of diseases;
Promoting local sports.

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