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Mainland China Health Check

Guangzhou Yikang Medical Management Limited

The Group co-invested and established Guangzhou Yikang Medical Management Limited (“GZ Yikang”) in 2008, and further increased its shareholding to 80% in 2013. GZ Yikang then became the Group’s subsidiary Sino-Foreign Joint Venture company. GZ Yikang provides medical and management consultancy services to other medical organizations in PRC. It also invests in medical related projects.

GZ Yikang invests and manages the Imaging Diagnostic Centre (“the Centre”) of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) in Guangdong. Total investment exceeds 125 million RMB. Leveraging on the reputation and medical resources of SYSU and the affiliated hospitals, the Centre is equipped with international high technological medical diagnostic equipment. Medical services of the Centre are provided and managed by the experts and medical team of SYSU together with the experienced directors and senior management from the Group.

The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of SYSU in Guangdong province is a gastrointestinal hospital. It is a comprehensive university specialist hospital combining medical service, teaching purpose, R&D, and prevention and rehabilitation. The hospital has two campuses, being the Yuancun main campus and Shougouling north campus.

The Centre, also called Zhongshanyi Town Health Imaging Diagnostic Centre, is located in the North Campus of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of SYSU. The centre is established by the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of SYSU and GZ Yikang is responsible for the management. It is a teaching unit of Clinical Medical School and Public Hygiene School of SYSU. It is responsible for the teaching, R&D and cooperation for the medical services such as public hygiene assurance, health check and health management, imaging, testing, diagnosis, etc.

The Centre is equipped with large medical equipment with advanced technologies of international standards, which include PET-CT, 128 CT, 1.5T MRI, DR, DRF, mammographic, DEXA, fully automatic biochemical analytic equipment, chemoluminescence immunoassay analyzer, blood analysis equipment, automatic urinal analysis system, etc. All the advanced equipment are from Siemens, and it is the medical demonstrative basis of Siemens in South China region. The imaging and diagnosis of the Centre meets all medical requirements of hospitals of all classes in China. It is one of the first batch of medical organizations which were approved by the Department of Health of Guangdong Province for the reciprocal recognition of their medical checking and medical diagnosis. The Centre consolidates talent imaging professionals from all affiliated hospitals of SYSU, developing itself to be the most influential imaging and diagnostic centre in South China comprising of the state-of-the-art technological equipment, complete solution and portfolio, high authority with academics and synergic cooperation with imaging equipment manufacturers.

The Centre has a separate building for VIP’s reception and another building for the general public. The buildings provide all-in-one one-shop operation for the health check. The centre operates on the most advanced business management concepts from Europe, US, Hong Kong and Taiwan, focusing on customer-oriented model, with workflow design based on the principle of segregation of medical and health check for the convenience and benefits to the patients.

With the medical resources of medical school of SYSU, the technical capability of its affiliated hospitals, and the advanced imaging and diagnostic equipment, the Centre develops the businesses of the health education, health consultation, health check, specialist consultation, health management, etc. It is the most unique high-tech health check centre in South China, providing health check and medical care services to the public with high quality and high efficiency, convenience and caring, one-shop with high-tech, personalized and in-depth.